Our services

We keep it simple.


We work with you, empowering you to make the necessary changes in your life to lose weight, keep it off and be happy.


We don’t dish out generic treatment plans in any way shape or form. After all, it’s not just about calories in vs. calories out. There is more to an individual than kilograms and BMI.


We take a holistic view of you, your background, your lifestyle, yours dreams and together we succeed.


With all consultations and services, I provide ethical lifestyle support and a professional referral network to help you succeed.


Single Consultations & Programs and Home Visits


Secure online and phone consultations

Acute Consultations

Existing clients can access quick in person or telehealth consults for acute conditions (PMS, Cold/Flu, acute skin conditions etc)Secure online and phone consultations


Group workshops educating across a variety of health topics. Great for corporate health programs, group food preparation workshops – cooking at home classes.

Weigh-ins & Measurement Consults

Ethical lifestyle support and a professional referral network to help you succeed.

Specialised Weight-loss Programs

Can’t lose weight? Can’t keep weight off?


Do you ever feel that there must be an easier way to achieve your weight loss goals? Hey, any positive lifestyle goal for that matter?


Do you wish you could make sense of all the mixed messages about successful weight loss?


Do you want to feel empowered and supported through your weight loss journey?

Our weight loss plan may be right for you. Click below to learn more.


What if I don’t need to lose weight but I have known health problems, can you accommodate?

Yes. Women are complex creatures. Part of our approach is that we take the time to discover your health history and pre-existing issues that may or may not have an impact on how we tailor your plan. We work hard in determining the underlying cause.


So whether these pre-existing issues are a road block to weight loss or just your ability to achieve good health – we accommodate.

Do you sell product or are you just a service?

We are primarily a service. Our priority is to heal through food before we supplement. Supplementation is prescribed to clients only after consultation.

Is it a complete package exercise and nutrition? Can I take just one part or do I have to have both?

Our packages are primarily based on nutritional and lifestyle changes. We also have a professional exercise referral network that we work with. For example, it is not a specific requirement to see a personal trainer or take out a gym membership. We will however provide recommendations and options for including exercise in your plan, specific to your requirements.

If I go off track, what approach will you take?

Part of our packages, is that we meet for follow-up consultations. We touch base, see how your progressing. We chat about how you are feeling and determine why you may be going off track. We take a look at what is working and what might need to be tweaked.

Can I work with you remotely?

Yes, I provide Skype and phone consultation services. It is generally not recommended for the initial consultation due to the detail we need to cover (e.g. Physical examination (eyes, nails, tongue, hair, skin)

What makes you different to the giant Marketplace that's out there at the moment?

We only specialise in women’s health with a focus on weight loss. Our approach is purely personalised.

I have religious beliefs around food, can you help me in that space?

Yes. Religious/cultural beliefs are taken into consideration. Likes and dislikes particularly around food is an important factor when we develop your nutrition plan.

I'm good at following a program and getting results but then maintaining it is impossible. How do you make sure I maintain my results?

When we develop your treatment plan, we aim to create something that is easy to maintain and becomes second nature to your lifestyle. I provide ongoing consultations and maintenance programs where we work on tweaks and improvements to your plan as your transform.

Do I have to make meals for myself separate to my family? Is there a way I can just make the same meals?

Absolutely. The recipes I provide are built to be crowd pleasers, and can be altered to provide for the entire family.

What study have you done?

I have an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine and am currently completing a Bachelor in Health Science for Clinical Nutrition. I am a practicing member of the ATMS.

Do I need a personal trainer?

However valuable, it is not imperative to have a personal trainer. Physical exercise is imperative to good health and supports your weight loss journey. When we work through your goals and expectations, we will discuss resources available to you and determine the best support network to meet your goals.

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